Incentive Policy

Freshpet Paws on the Ground Group (from this point on to be referred to as "Paws Group") invites group members to participate in various market research survey activities (online surveys, telephone interviews, focus groups, etc.). Survey participants (also referred to as "respondents") may be provided, at the sole discretion of Freshpet, with incentives in order to compensate group members for their time and to encourage participation in our surveys.  Paws Group members understand that they are not employees of Freshpet.


Russell Research (our research partner) will send an incentive to the Paws Group member for successfully completing the survey when specifically mentioned in the survey invitation. A successful completion in any survey requires the respondent to provide honest and thoughtful responses to the best of their ability. No incentive (if applicable) will be provided to the respondent in the following circumstances:

  • Unless communicated in the corresponding invitation, group members who do not meet the qualifications required or whose responses end up in an "over-quota" will not qualify to receive an incentive.
  • Respondents who do not complete the entire survey, unless communicated otherwise in the survey invitation.
  • Respondents who misrepresent their identity, credentials, workplace, title, specialization or in general their suitability for participating in the survey will forfeit the incentive.
  • In surveys that require a respondent to participate only once, respondents will only receive one incentive if the respondent participates multiple times.
  • If respondents’ responses are noticed to be blatantly inaccurate or are inconsistent the incentive may be forfeited.
  • If it noticed that a respondent was "speeding" through the survey, i.e. where responses are found to be randomly selected or the survey was completed faster than the minimum possible time, the incentive will be forfeited.

Incentives are not offered to survey respondents if there is any legal impediment to the respondent accepting, i.e. US Federal Government employees, or a company policy that precludes the respondent from accepting the incentive. A question was asked during the initial survey conducted by Russell Research [which resulted in members being invited to participate in the Paws Group] if there is any impediment to the group member receiving an incentive.  It is the responsibility of the respondent to have answered that question truthfully. Freshpet and Russell Research takes no responsibility in this other than acting on the answers provided by the group member.

Russell Research (in conjunction with Freshpet) may choose to compensate respondents in any of the ways listed below or in any other way that may be determined at the time.  The type of incentive being offered will be made clear in the survey invitation.

  • Cash or cash checks
  • Checks made out to the full name provided by the group member
  • Pre-loaded cards
  • Gift cards
  • Freshpet Select or Vital food or coupons
  • Charity payments made to the charity of the respondent’s choice

The Paws Group member was asked during the initial survey conducted by Russell Research [which resulted in members being invited to participate in the Paws Group] to provide a valid mailing address, phone number, email address, and full name to be used for all communication from the Paws Group and for use with surveys completed online or by telephone.  It is the responsibility of the group member to update the panel administrator if any of this information changes. If a respondent fails to provide a valid mailing address and full name the respondent forfeits the incentive.  Incentives will be provided at the time of the interview for any research conducted in person with the respondent, unless otherwise specified in the invitation.

Group members should allow 8 to 10 weeks for processing of any incentives.  In many circumstances members will be paid more quickly.  Group members can contact Russell Research at or (844) 673-1545 with any questions or complaints regarding incentives. Just mention that you are calling about the "Freshpet Paws on the Ground Group".